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Rose Mary Zapor is an attorney licensed
to practice in the State of Colorado.
Her practice is limited to the areas of
Elder Law and Mediation.

“I have always focused my practice on helping others. Families are facing challenges that previous generations have never known - longer lives, higher health costs, and shrinking resources. The Boomer generation is facing the prospect of caring for their parents while their children are in need of care as well while they look for work. My firm is there with an experienced network of professionals to make sure my clients have the support they need for the task at hand.”

Rose Mary Zapor

We are devoted to providing you with legal services to assist in all aspects of your life. Whether you need help with preparing a Will or Trust, Guardianship/Conservatorship, Probate, or Medicaid issues. We are here, ready to protect your rights.



What is Elder Law?

Elder Law attorneys define our practice by the population we serve. The rights and requirements of the senior and disabled population are not limited to one issue but cover a wide variety of needs...

What is a small estate affidavit?

If your assets total less than a certain amount (in 2019, $64,000.00) then your personal representative can use a form provided on the Colorado Supreme Court Website called “Collection of Personal Property by Affidavit Pursuant to § 15-12-201, C.R.S.”...

What is mediation?

Mediation is a process in which a neutral individual, the mediator, helps two disputing parties communicate. The goal of mediation is for both parties to reach a deeper understanding of the issues in dispute and come to an agreement...

What is informal probate?

In Colorado, we can open and close an estate without going through the court process. This is called Informal Probate. In order to go through informal probate, the estate needs to be one that is not contested or have a problem that would require court approval...


By Rose Mary Zapor, Esq. Lakewood Legal Center 303-866-0990 Long Term Care refers to a wide-range of medical, personal and social services for individuals who are unable to provide for their own needs for an extended period of time. This need for care from others may be caused by age, accident, illness, dementia, stroke, depression …
February 27, 2018 | by the National Care Planning Council The issue of becoming disabled during working years is often ignored. But the probability is very high that someone will become disabled and may even not be able to work because of it. According to the Social Security website on disability there is a 33% …
As Congress turns from health care reform to Tax reform, you need to know what is currently on the table and how it will affect you. Here is a short list of the proposals by the Treasury Secretary and the National Economic Council Director. Overview of the Administration’s Proposed Tax Plan from 20,000 Feet Below …
Environmentally-friendly burials are gaining in popularity and becoming a viable option without interfering with traditions. There are so many little, almost imperceptible steps society has taken to lessen our impact on the earth. Recycling has become the norm, hybrid cars aren’t the joke they once were, and eating organic and locally produced foods is something …
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