Book on Medicaid in Colorado Released

Rose Mary Zapor has released her newly published guide to Medicaid in Colorado.

Medicaid Myths and Mistakes is a booklet designed for the public to understand the ins and outs of applying for Medicaid. There are so many stories out there about what will and will not work in protecting the assets of their family – most of which are wrong. This guide is written to expose the wrong way to go about protecting our loved ones.

The book also includes a short summary of the new Medicaid Expansion program in Colorado. The new program under the Affordable Care Act allows low income families and individuals to qualify for Medicaid even if they have no health issues. In the past, a person had to qualify both medically and financially. Now, only the financial eligibility will be examined, allowing a family of four with an income of less than $36,639.00 per year to get health insurance through the Medicaid program.

The Colorado Health Care Policy and Finance Department maintains a complete list of all doctors, hospitals, and clinics that accept Medicaid and provide services to Colorado residents.

For a copy of Medicaid Myths and Mistakes, you can contact the Zapor Law Office, P.C. at 303-866-0990 or go to our web site and send an email. The cost of the booklet is $7.50 plus tax and shipping.

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