Elder Mediation
An elderly loved one needing care can create strife within a family. Sadly, disagreements and misunderstandings over elder care or inheritance issues cause families to break apart.

It might be possible to avoid these long-term ramifications, even when a resolution seems far away, by using elder mediation. Mediation can help to resolve family disputes that otherwise might go unaddressed or lead to expensive and traumatic litigation. For many, elder mediation in Lakewood, CO was the key to preserving family ties.

When might elder mediation be helpful?

  • An aging loved one needshelp and family members are unableto decide what the best living arrangement would be.
  • An adult child moves in with an aging relative to provide care and wants to be paid for his or her efforts.
  • An aging relative moves in with relatives and an expensive addition to the home is needed.
  • A family member believes that the established estate plans result in unfair distribution of assets.
  • A dispute arises over assets after a parent dies.

Mediation could help in any of these situations, as well as a variety of other scenarios. It is an effective strategy any time you need to resolve a legal dispute efficiently, but also want to preserve relationships and reach a mutually beneficial conclusion.

As a mediator in Lakewood, CO, Rose Mary Zapor has helped families resolve their disputes concerning elderly loved ones and protect their long-term relationships. If you would like more information, contact her today.